Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm still here

...and hangin' in.

I am not doing well, but I am here. 

I had to turn down a job interview today.  Which stinks, of course, but under the terms of my severance, I couldn't start when they needed me too.  I would drop the severance in a heartbeat, but I can not LOSE my insurance and the only way I can pay for Cobra is to have a job and the severance check while I wait for any insurance waiting period.

I haven't heard back from the interview that I had over the phone.  They didn't call me back and they did not return my follow up call that they requested...so..who knows?

The worst part is going into that place everyday.  In some ways, it's a relief.  I hated that place sooo much, so to be "forced" to look for something else is good, but at the same time, I have been there for 8 years and my co-workers are like family.

So...what you came here to read about is that I have not been following my meal plan.  I have not been binging or going crazy with food, but I have not been eating healthy.  I know it.  I recognize it.  I am getting it under control.  I have not weighed myself.  The last thing I need is more bad news.

I am telling you all this because it is important to me to be honest with you.  Thank you for all of your kind words and worrying about me...I appreciate it (especially you Brendalyn!)!  This is but a rocky part of my journey and I still have the Komen to tackle!

: )


  1. I'm just glad to see you're alright, Christie. Worry about you and your family before worrying about the meal plan. You can do this, you've done amazingly so far and you will continue to be as awesome as ever. =)

  2. Things will get better Christie, and I hope you will find the perfect job. In the meantime try not to worry. I know that is easier said than done. Control what you can control, and the rest will fall into place. a big hug to you.

  3. I really hope your luck changes soon. I understand the whole job thing...it's major disconcerting and depressing when your source of livelihood gets squashed...or juggled around. :(

    I'm so sorry. Chin up, babes. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Right now you need to concentrate on you and your family's needs. Even if you are following your plan per say, just be mindful of your eating. We need a healthy you !!!

    Sending comforting vibes...((HUGS))

  5. Its so very hard to stay on track with food when life is tough. It does show how similar we all are with emotional ( and stress) eating. You're not alone here, I bet every one of us knows what it feels like. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Look to very short term goals, one day at a time, then repeat. Take time, breathe fresh air, sleep and it will get better.

  6. I'm so sorry about the struggles you are going through. I found your blog through the fitbit site (I'm ariscotm on there). I had no idea that there were so many awesome weight loss blogs! Here I was, keeping my own little blog-journal, thinking that I was just doing it all on my own.

    Thank you for sharing your stories/struggles/triumphs. I know it's a hard time now, so just take care of yourself as best you can.