Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

This post is no joke.  Fighting the urge to type (LOL)...whew!

It's been a trying week, but here I am on the other end thanking God for a weekend.

Got written up at work this week, which is totally redonk-u-lotta, but whateve..we'll see what comes of it.  What am I gonna do...quit?  Nope.  I'm gonna suck it up and push though like I always do.  This blog is not about on...

Our families financial crisis continues to deepen as my long term renters can not seem to get the idea of why you must pay your rent on time.  Which results in 1 dedicated income being spread very thin and hubby scrambling to do anything to get work.  Starting a new business is really hard!  He's been his own boss for over  a year now and starting your own business from the ground up is rough.  Honestly folks...he'd make more $$ working at McDonald's, but it's a work in progress and his customer base is improving!!!  I am soo proud of him!!! ...but there is no $$.  Before I get off this kick I want to ask you to keep in mind that just because someone is a landlord or a business owner does not mean they are rich.  I say this because, before I was all these things that is the messed up impression that I had.

The scale has been an enemy this week.  It's up, it's down...ugh  make up your mind.  Changed the batteries to be sure, but it's still all over the place.  I have seen it at an all-time low and up like 3lbs, so weigh in on Sunday is a crap shoot!  LOL.  For the most part, I have been on plan.  We had a big baseball OPENING DAY celebration at work, with Hot Dogs, Brats, Chips, Soda (you know, the devil laid out on a table).  I ate in the cafeteria, instead.  I had rotisserie chicken breast and mixed veggies, instead.  I gave myself a pat on the back for that!

After yesterday's post, I decided to set my mile time.  The Komen is 2 months away and training has to be taken seriously.  20:28.  I ran for 4 of those minutes.  It was hard, but I did it.  I came home today and did it again.  I ran for 4:30 minutes 20:15...I shaved 13 seconds which doesn't seem like a lot, but BELIEVE me it was the shot in the arm that I needed to put it all into perspective.

I am also looking into finding some subjects to write on and maybe start submitting articles and such.  You know...reaching outside my comfort zone.  Any ideas?

This is all about improvement.  Improving my life, improving my health, improving my outlook.


  1. I hope your luck improves in regards to the debt... You know I feel your pain there. =/

    As for the 13 seconds, that's frickin' awesome!! I'm so excited for you. I still want me a treadmill so I can start walking/running, too. =)

    Not so sure on article topics. I usually just write whatever comes to mind. Is there anything that interests you but you aren't familiar with? That's a good place to start. Research and all.

  2. Ash the biggest loser power walk is better than any treadmill, and more affordable
    Christie, as you know debt comes and goes just like weight, but you will get through it. I learned today that a good workout can feel just as good a pot of spaghetti or get out of jail cupcakes

  3. Totally get what you say about just because you have a rental doesn't mean you are rich. I own 1 with my brother, and people assume, but the fact is that I barely make ends meet. O.k. honestly, I don't make ends meet, but things will look up soon.
    Good job on the 13 seconds and running for 4:30! You are going to see those times get larger and longer on a consistant basis. Keep it up girl!!

  4. We almost had to rent out our old house, luckily we sold it. Hope your hubby's business gets up and running.