Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Updated Photos and Updated Commitment

I can't believe that six weeks is almost up! I have been working my butt off with the trainer and I feel it paying off, but I will let you all be the ultimate judges of my progress so far. My final weigh in of this session is this Thursday, but today I am 19 pounds down. Life is changing, I am changing!

I changed into my "photo clothes" and Jim couldn't believe the difference. My shorts can be pulled all the way up and my shirt comes all the way down! YEAH! Seeing results like this, I want to continue. I want to do what it takes to see this thing through. It makes me think about all the blogs from before, you know the ones...they ended in "the goal is to be more active"? I am proud to say at this point, my goal is to stay active. My goal is to live, actually live my life. I am through with being a guest in my own existence...today I am leading the tour! It's a free ride, but I have a feeling the views are gonna be amazing!


  1. AWESOME! next time please smile you look like a gun maw..Way to go!

  2. you can definately tell in your arms as well as the abdomen. Good work

  3. Wow, your pictures really do show a difference! That is great. :)