Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Turn and face the strange is right, thanks to David Bowie for that little pearl!

Spent the afternoon with the Tuesday Trainer Christine! I hurt my knee last week so she was thankfully taking it easy with the power squats. Increased my weights to 10 pounders when I let it slip that I have been using them at home. Guess home will have to up it to 15! My meal plan is better this week as I am back to bringing my lunch and not being a slave to that cafeteria at work. I have been loading up on the fiber and at times today I thought I might explode. The food is a constant battle. I am not hungry right now, yet my brain keeps thinking about junk food. I have found that chewing gum is a good relief. It tricks my brain into thinking I am eating, but no matter the craving it resolves it for me right now. Funny thing is that before I was following a meal plan and working out...I never really thought about sweets. Or snacking at all really, so it really makes me wonder if I am just wired for self sabotage.

I told you yesterday about the hubby's "jobs", but there has been so much more going on. Last week, I had an experience that while it ended on somewhat of a good note, was really a game changer for me. I was at work and I received a message from my bestie asking me to call her. I called her she sounded distressed, a quick jaunt to her cubicle revealed that she was definitely in distress. Her skin was pale, she seemed almost not there. She was weak and experiencing abdominal pain. She asked me to take her to the hospital, but after assessing the situation I decided that an ambulance was the most appropriate route. I called her husband and followed the ambulance to the hospital. Once they brought her into a room, her demeanor had shifted and she was now in intense pain and contorting her body in ways reminiscent to Regan in "The Exorcist". I was terrified. In that moment, I realized that I could really lose a friend. Right now, right in this moment. Thankfully, God and doctors intervened and while she is still yet undiagnosed, she is fine and home with her family.

In this and I assume similar moments in one's life, you tend to think about the things that are important to you. You think about who you are and who you want to be. My friend is a genuinely good person, she takes pleasure in knowing the little things about you, she sends thoughtful cards and makes an effort to let people know she cares about them. I try to do those things as well, but is it enough? While I was thinking about this very subject, I ran across a friend's blog (www.vivobello.com) and she was relaying an AWESOME thing that she does with her kids...PROACTIVE ACTS OF KINDNESS....Genius. While I am not stealing the idea...I am following the example. What I love most about it is that they are proactive...I have to think about them and take action, unexpected action. Plus, I think it is a fabulous thing to do with the kids to teach them to not only be thankful, but to show appreciation.

It may seem like I already have enough "change" on my plate, but I am pretty sure when they say "It's a lifestyle change" they weren't just talking about food and exercise.

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