Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Listing My Gifts

My sister is totally my inspiration on this one. Her journey is one of self-reflection and about uplifting herself to glorify her value despite her flaws. Today she decided to list her gifts. Things that are true about her and make her "wonderfully unique". She has inspired me to do the same. Please feel free to list what makes you wonderfully unique in my comment section.

My List of Gifts (in no particular order)

1. I am very observant
2. I am caring
3. I am loving
4. I am considerate
5. I have "pluck free" eyebrows (and if you don't agree...pluck you!)
6. I am comically self-effacing
7. I am all around pretty funny (I crack me up)
8. I am a hard worker
9. I have a wonderful memory
10. I am a talented writer
11. I am learning that I can motivate myself
12. I am a good mom.
13. I am loyal
14. I strive to be honest
15. I have wonderful family and friends who believe in me, even when I don't
16. I came to work even though my jeans apparently stink. (that one's for you)

Well, off to the gym! Hopefully updated 4 week photos tonight or tomorrow!


  1. I love this list!!! Number five is hysterical!! You could go on for pages and pages and never finish listing all the wonderfully unique qualities that make you you. You failed to mention so many!!! One of my gifts would be, that even though I'm an over the hill old broad, Christie has chosen to be my friend despite all od my faults and downfalls. That's a true gift!

  2. It's true...I'm the gift you can't regift, no matter how many times you try.

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