Monday, July 27, 2009

Imperfection is the New Black!

Finally...I am fashion forward!

Everyone is screwed up in their own way, I just feel screwed up in every way. The goal is to be more active. I fell asleep at 7pm. Dead asleep, on the couch. Snoring, drooling, the whole bit. I woke up disoriented with a mouth full of cotton. Goal unattainable? Of course not. I guess my husband thinks that I just don't want it bad enough. I am just kidding though...he did not say that, I am just thinking for him again. I have got to quit doing that.

Today was a good food day, for the most part. This morning the girls and I had 1 blueberry waffle and shared a lovely golden delicious apple. Fruity perfection. My lunch consisted of half a tuna salad sandwich, Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding and celery sticks. Not smoking has been hard, but I have been able to combat it a bit by chewing gum, eating carrot sticks, and popping grapes like Vicodin (you know to take the edge

Back at work, so the activity level was low. Not taking breaks because obviously breaks = smoking in my world. MMMMM...lady cigarette, you are quite the temptress. I wonder if I can include the shakes and uncontrollable sweating as being more active...if so GOAL ACHIEVED.

I felt bad for my co-worker and friend Debbie...she came back from her vacay and was completely stressed with copious amounts of unexpected work on top of current work, no one that we normally smoke with in the office was there...or if they were, they weren't smoking. I tried to listen to her, I really did, but alas...I was a bad friend to her (sorry Deb) All I could think about was one point it seemed that people were turning into cigarettes in front of my eyes, you know like when cartoon characters stranded on desert islands turn into turkeys. I will try to do better, please understand that it is not you, it's me. Does methadone work as a nicotine replacement?

I realize that this blog is about weight loss, so I will try to get back on track. I did pretty good today, food wise, but dinner was bad. My sister cooked and made Hamburger Over a Cloud, (which is ground beef in gravy over mashed potatoes) and Brussel Sprouts. I should have had tuna. I did not.

Jim's surgery is tomorrow to remove his gall bladder, so we spent some time outside with the kids this evening. We had a water balloon fight. It was fun and we could tell that Autumn, my oldest, was having a blast for sure. She hit me so hard in the head with one that it actually knocked my headband off (and I was starting to think that was an actual part of my body). I guess that was something. It wasn't quite the physical activity that is going to get me down under 200 lbs, but it was a start.

Today's weight 291.0 (see, I told you that I would stick with the 294)
The goal is to be more active.

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  1. Fabulous title for today!!!VERY CLEVER!!! Yes Lady Ciagrette is a temptress! You are winning both battles, it appears! Keep up the great work! I love reading this blog so much!