Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where to start?

That is a REAL question for me today...I have been oddly sad today about the actual leaving the workplace.  I hate being there.  I just want to go about the business of moving on.  People who for years have been either friends or friendly at least are showing their true colors and it is nasty.  Those of us who lost our jobs...didn't want to lose their jobs.  Now it appears that they (the company) realizes that they may not have thought all of this through and the people who are staying are having work DUMPED on them in copious amounts and they are stressed, while I literally sit there and twiddle my thumbs because for the next few days anyway...I am a placeholder.


I am making a concerted effort not to be a placeholder in my own life.  My first 5K is Saturday.  It's supposed to rain.  Yuck! 

On the upside of things...I am feeling great about lots of extra time to exercise coming up.  A LOT OF TIME TO FOCUS ON ME!!


  1. Great to look at what's happening and find a positive....its not easy to do that. Focussing on you is so good a place to be
    enjoy it

  2. Sometimes being one of the ones that don't lose the job is a real drag. As you mentioned all the work that the workers that are gone did has to be done by someone, and guess who gets it...???
    Good attitude on having more time to woek on you. Have fun with the 5K this weekend!