Sunday, May 1, 2011

T minus 5

That is how I have been thinking about the end of my employment.  Friday is my last day!  I say it with both excitement and trepidation.  I really want to find a job, but I am excited about the prospects of having some time off with my kids and real time to dedicate to train for the Komen.  This is the first time since Erica was born and I was on maternity leave that I have had an opportunity for some extensive time off. 

The job thing really weighs on my heart.  I am leaving soo much behind.  With the exception of a hand full of people, most of my friends are leaving as well. Nervous about losing touch with them.  I am leaving my family's security behind as well, but I know that the truth is that God provides those things, he was just using that job to do so.  There will be another way.

I totally failed Chubby McGee's Chubby Bunny Challenge, but truth is with so much going on...I wasn't even trying.  Overall...I had a gain , but I am happy to report that this weekend's weigh in.  has me down 2 lbs at 284.6.  I will regain my momentum.  I will succeed in the end. 

My first 5K is Saturday!  It's a walking 5K, no running, but I will be glad to have one under my belt for the Komen!

I have so many pictures to post...Q and U wedding, my trip to the zoo with the kids, Easter.  Perhaps I can fit in a photo montage this week!


  1. Good luck in the %k..that will be a real achievement. You will get there ...just keep on going!

  2. I know these sound like empty words, but don't worry too much about the job. Something will happen for you, I just know it!
    I'm glad to hear you have registered a loss, the little weight you gained over the last little while will come off quickly. When I mess up a little, for whatever reason, it seems that it was something my body needed and I lose the gained weight, and more fairly quickly. Nothing moves in a perfectly straight line.
    Have fun in that 5K

  3. Good Luck with the 5K, I know you will do GREAT !!!