Sunday, May 22, 2011

Picture This!

It's difficult for me to take the picture with my cellphone while I am still standing on the scale, but there it is!  I am thankful for this and soo much more.  The error message appears because I didn't stand on the scale long enough for the water weight percentage to come up. 

I am about to start getting ready for church this morning.  This next week will be filled with helping my husband with his business.  We are praying that if it is God's will this can be my fulltime job, allowing me to spend more time with my children. 

I am praying for all of my blogger friends!  I need to do a better job of keeping up with the reading, but it has been difficult for me lately!  Keep up the good work! 


  1. Wow, I couldn't remember how much you weighed, so I looked back at May 8 and you were 285.8. for all intents and purposes, that is 10 lbs since Mothers day!! Again... wow

  2. That is great! You are doing awesome!

    Thinking about you!