Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5K Recovery

It's a month away.  You know the one I said I would RUN.  LOL.  LOL..Lo..l...l....meh  After walking one this past Saturday...not sure that's gonna happen.  But...just the same, it does not mean that I won't.  I am just now finally feeling like I may physically be able to resume workouts tomorrow.  This dang aching in my shin came back after a quick jaunt to Wal-Mart...hoping that it is just healing. 

The scale this morning revealed exactly what I thought it would and that is an overall loss from my weigh in two weeks ago kind of backing up that swelling theory. 

Tonight we have already eaten dinner, so the kids and I are setting off to begin working on getting the house in order and de-cluttered. I can only imagine what the trash man will be thinking as of Monday.  I am sure he will be overloaded with CRAP that we somehow have amassed after living here for less than a year and a half.  Embarrassing.

Day two of unemployment went off without a hitch.I have been working to keep myself busy and to stop myself from eating and watching TV all day.  I am pleased to announce that the only TV I have even "participated" in are re-runs of George Lopez and The Nanny on Nick, while I tirelessly search for job leads after the kids go to bed.

Off to get the Living Room under control!!

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  1. Hang in there, babes. I am unemployed (and I HATE IT). It makes weight loss even tougher. Just stay busy cleaning and you should be okay. I find that getting out of the house (to a park) really helps curb those cravings and emotional cues. ;)