Monday, June 20, 2011

Facing New Challenges

Yesterday was Father's Day.  I hope my dad and the hubano had a great day!  I talked to my dad on the phone yesterday, he lives in Vegas so it's a little far to see him.  He is moving to Ohio at the end of the month and he, my step-mom, my niece, and my nephew will live the closest they have lived to us in my adult life.  7 hours away!  Seems like far, I am sure, but I believe (and hope) that this distance is a gap that can be bridged more often than before. 

I try not to talk about my dad here.  I love my dad, but there are issues.  Issues that contribute to my weight situation...I am sure, but we see each other so infrequently and his side of my family tends to hold grudges( I am soo ingrained with this in my own heart).  His ego is not a resilient as my mom's (and her family) and I care not for the drama that may ensue all from expressing a feeling.  I know that my stepmom reads my blog.  I also know that she is not blind, but she is married to him, so I respect that. reiterate...the most important thing that I have said here today...I LOVE MY DAD.

Hubano had a good day with the family yesterday.  We had an issue with getting to church on time and unfortunately...did not make it.  So...ROAD TRIP...we drove 45 minutes into STL and drove through Forest Park (hubano was frightened as he thought we were visiting the zoo...HE HATES THE ZOO...weirdo).  I purchased a new lens and some filters this week, so I thought it would be fun to find somewhere picturesque and take some photos.  I am VERY pleased with the results.

Afterwards, we went to Red Lobster (my girls KNOW my hubby).  I had the broiled cod, broccoli,  baked potato, and salad.  HE had....well  A!  We had a ton of fun together and he actually took most of the day off work.  The phone was ringing off the hook, but he put off all jobs until after lunch. (About 3 o'clock). 

Nurturing a growing start up business is hard work and requires a TON of SACRIFICE!  Mostly in time spent with him and $$ of course.  He worries about it everyday.  We have been married for 12 years and together for 17.  We have not only grown together, but we have grown up together.  He pushes my buttons (, but I love the heck out of that man!

Took some great pictures (bottom of blog) and had a great day.  Made me think about all the challenges that lie ahead for me.  In the wake of having NO challenges (which is crazy that NOTHING would have a wake...but it does), I have been struggling to find a goal to assist me on the journey to get healthy.  I did sign up for another 5k.  It is on July 9.  I will probably not run that one either, but I WILL (consider) competitively walking.  I was reading Ash's blog over at Breathing Through Chaos and we are having the same "backsliding" struggles, so I suggested to her that we (who are both competitive) go toe to toe and do this thing for real.  (LOL because the last two years were just for posterity)
She agreed.  I am sure that at some point it will have a fancy name and stricter parameters, but for now.  It is her and I eating healthy and committing to at least 4 days a week to a MINIMUM of 20 minutes of exercise.  Our contest will run from today until July 18th when one person will be crowned VICTORIOUS!  (hope it's me) 

I am sad to say that it appears as though I have "bulked up" for the competition.  I am starting it at 278 lbs. (shhhh..not a word)  I have been a bad girl and I know it!  As a certain blogger who shall remain nameless would say..."She's killing herself and all these people are supporting her in doing it and well...some stuff about coffins and funeral businesses and yada yada yada" He would be right, but I am putting my faith in God and hard work to get back on track here.

Now for pictures of my fam from the day out!  Even one of me...reluctantly. : )~


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  1. Awww, the girls are gorgeous! =) I'm glad you had a good Father's Day, doll. And yay for starting this challenge!!! It's going to be so fun, and no matter who 'wins' at the end of the challenge, I think we'll both be pretty victorious. ;)

    Much love, Christie, and good luck!