Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Non-Scale Challenge: Writing a Book

No one commented, but my last post appeared to be a smashing success.  Received messages on FB about people liking it.  Really the last two posts have been that way!  Thanks for all the kind words!  Another amazing thing hubano (trying it out as hubster seems to be becoming over used on the bliggitys) even read/had them read to him and seemed impressed (which is major)!

A while ago, I had another blog called "Why are you so Angry?"  This was supposed to be the place for all of the crazy stories about things that went on in my life (they are plentiful), but for some reason...I focused on this one and after only one post...Why are you so angry... fell to the wayside.  To be honest, it has fallen to the wayside with SEVERAL other blog projects.  Let's face it...this one was saving my life.

After reading the last two posts, Jim suggested that I actually do something with those stories and challenge myself to compile them into book form.  He even came up with the funniest little title for it.  It's a great title and I was impressed (even he was amazed himself). 

Writing a book means nothing in the long run.  Doesn't mean that I could sell it and not have to find a job.  Doesn't even mean that it will be good.  It does however, mean that I will sit down and do something that I have been toying with (and have started and stopped) since I was 14. 

In a world of billions, I am but one.

My father in heaven loves me, my family and friends love me, but the world...well they may never know me and they may not be interested and that is truly ok.  This is just something for me to focus on through completion to show that I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST.  I am not alone.  I am not afraid.

My food this week has been off the hook.  Classic reach a goal, sabotage yourself.  Aunt Flo is also visiting so, my weigh in this week will probably not be acceptable.  I am back to wearing the fit bit daily, so maybe that will help.

Not a whole lot of response on what my next weight loss challenge should be...I did get a FB comment that suggest I should try Zumba (which I am excited to try), but I am not sure how I would CHALLENGE myself with it.  Anyone, Anyone?

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  1. I can't say a damned thing about sabotaging myself, because... yeeaah, I've been horrible. I honestly don't know what to tell you about challenging yourself - I personally love yoga and find it extreeeeemely difficult (because my balance is shit, lol), but to each their own. I've thought of trying zumba, but I hear it's run by skinny energetic girls here... =S Eek.

    I love the idea of you writing a book like that. I thought of doing the same myself since my life seems to be like a Spanish soap opera - thoroughly unbelievable. But who knows, you could be the next Laurie Notaro. ;) Good luck, 'cause I look forward to maybe getting to read it someday.