Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trouble in TVland

Looking for goals...da da    da da    da da dum  da da   da da  dumdadadadada (improvising the jeopardy theme)

I was sitting in the house last night...listening to the sounds Cory and Chumlee argue with Rick on another riveting episode of Pawn Stars.  Will it turn out to be John Hancock's true signature?  Who knows, but they will surely bring in the dude with the Amish hat to tell them. 

Personally...I haven't been watching a lot of TV...which if you KNOW me is major.  Once, I was known for watching EVERYTHING.  The product of a single parent home with a mom who worked full time and at times went to school left me with a babysitter known as cable television.  I am the only 35 year old woman that has seen every episode of Mr. Ed, Donna Reed, My Three Sons, and so on and so forth.  This is how bad it is for me...way too much TV and a memory that goes on for days allows me to remember the following little commercial for My Three Sons that came on Nick at Nite when I was 10 or younger..

"My Three Sons, Oh My Three Sons, They're My Three Sons on Nick at Nite.  They got a dad, his name is Steve, he's got a job, it's really tough, and then there's Bub, he makes them food, They got a dog, they're My Three Sons, on Nick at Nite."  ~believe me...I KNOW how pathetic this is! 

Growing up, I unfortunately learned to have no emotion, except anger.  All other emotion I experienced was through television.  On the rare chance I actually felt something...I ate it.  Television was my only connection to joy and laughter.

I remember as a kid...fighting my mom so hard.  SOOO hard and unfairly. She was doing her best, but it was not what I needed.  I needed someone to be there, someone to be my mom.  I was by myself with my sisters too much and too often, but it's not her fault.  She was working hard and trying to make a better life for us, but there was no time for assisting me in feeling worthy of love or supporting me in trying to accomplish anything.  Not blaming her...she did her best, but I wonder sometimes if this isn't connected to why I lack my ability to set goals and follow through.

Disconnecting myself from the screen has helped me clarify some things.  It has helped me to see what an incredible amount of life was wasted on things like the antics of Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari on Bosom Buddies or David Rasche on Sledgehammer (anybody remember that show?)  All this brain power wasted.  When will it ever benefit me to know that Alf was from Melmac or exactly why Ma'am and George were changing a light bulb NAKED on a very special episode of Webster?

However, it WAS during last night's episode of Pawn Stars when Rick awkwardly told the guys that he would buy them breakfast if they saw a personal trainer (insert awkward Subway commercial) that I realized that I seriously need to set some new goals.  Otherwise, I am concerned that it will suck me back in...AFTER ALL  Toddlers and Tiara's start tomorrow.

So...I am looking for ideas.  I'll be honest.  I don't know that I am interested in running.  I am signing up for another 5K and will be participating in that on July 9th!  Maybe further distances is what I should pursue?  Suggestions are appreciated and expected...come on...help a sister out!  I may be willing to exchange your challenge ideas for my cellphone number to be used in TV and Movie trivia emergencies!  :)~

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