Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year?

I question this not because of 35 questionable "Happy New Years", but because the St. Louis, Missouri area where I live was ravaged with tornadoes and massive storm damage. As far as I know, my family and friends are safe and sound, but there are still many of my neighbors that are not and families facing starting over from square one in 2011 and my prayers are with them.

I talked yesterday about starting over in 2011, and I am less than 3 hours away from starting the first of many 11 day challenges. it goes. First Challenge is a fairly simple one...just 3 steps

1. Drink 100oz of water everyday(unsweetened tea and Crystal Light to substitute)
2. 30 minutes of intentional activity (can be broken up into increments of at least ten minutes at a time)
3. 1500-1800 calories a day ( I prefer a sliding scale)

So there it is, simple right? Remember that participation is voluntarily and I am not a medical professional. I know this is safe for me, but I do not know your medical history so if you have ANY concerns please address them with your doctor before beginning.

If you are going to participate, send me a message and let me know that we are in it together and we can continue to lean on each other for support...I will also be "tweeting what I'm eating" on Twitter as "lifeinblubber"! Looking forward to your participation and hearing about your successes and struggles! What's in store for me in 2011? Check in tomorrow to find out! Be safe out there tonight people and please take a moment to pray for the storm victims.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're back! We fell off around the same time, but we're also getting back up at the same time, so that's awesome. Similar goals, too, so I'm somewhat participating in your thingy-ma-bobber - either way, you can lean on me. =)

    Also, I like the idea of 11-day challenges to kind of keep it mixed up, but I have no idea if I could think of things for every 11-days. However, you could always do the picture thing I mentioned. I personally want to put a scrap book together of a year long with notations. Just a kind of, date, feeling, etc.

    Maybe you could take few-day classes as a challenge, if they offer those in your area? They have art classes that are once a week for three weeks here... Just kind of an idear.

  2. I am blog hopping tonight. I found you through A Hippo with a Headband. I am a new follower, too! I live right out of St. Louis. What a day with the weather for South St. Louis. I am already working on your first 3 steps. I love water, but it was hard for me in the beginning !! Happy New Year !

  3. I am also following you on twitter @piecesofdawn

  4. I am in it with you Christie! I wont be tweeting though because well with Albert being out of work I am also out of a cell phone, lol anyway. Love you and I will do my very best to follow the 3 steps, did you get Yvonne in on it this time around? Let me know because maybe I can talk with her about it even if she come in a couple days late. Happy New Year. Oh and we have been going through our clothes and things like that and have started a donation box for the people who did lose everything if anyone hears about somewhere to take the clothing and stuff too let me know so that we can get it there we have a whole lot of good stuff that we just don't wear any more.

  5. I came across your blog kind of randomly, kind of in the same boat myself. I enjoy reading and knowing I'm not the only one struggling through things. I'm not exactly following your challenge, but working through my own plan. Still willing to lend what support I can, even though I don't live close.