Friday, September 11, 2009

19 lbs and 3 months later

It is a journey that has taken me a quarter of a year, which seems a bit pathetic, but here we are just the same. As I write this morning, I am 19 lbs. lighter at 275, Still a disturbing number, but one that is headed in the right direction.

Today is also, officially 12 weeks without cigarettes...who would have ever thought? Not me...if I knew me...I'd have talked about me to my friends...isn't that horrible? I am guilty of my biggest complaint.

I have also let the public part of my journey falter a little bit this month. That whole co-worker issue turned out to be bigger than I would have thought and to be honest kind of left me annoyingly drained, but I was able to say most of what I felt was necessary and what I didn't get to say was my decision. It is obvious that she is not going to get it, so I am fine to move on and well...she will do what she does I suppose and our worlds will go on simulanteously mostly unaware of each other.

I have recognized in all this that there are more things in my life that I am unhappy with then I care to admit, but I feel powerless to change them...have I exchanged one set of excuses for another? We'll see...I may just have to overcome them ;).

I have another excuse...the building of our new home has commenced and there are sooo many decisions, I sometimes decide not to decide anything.

A quick update I know, butI will do my best to improve.

The goal is to be better than I am today.


  1. Great job Christie!!!! 19lbs. lost is significant and really amazing!!! You lost this weight while conquering the Cigs!! Very few people can do that!! You are really strong, with everything at work and the new house and all the decisions you are making, both the weight and cigs (my crutches and alot of other peoples) didn't control you, you controlled them!! Be very very proud of yourself!! I am!! Keep up the great work!! Hang in there!! I pedict by the summer of 2010 you will be taking your daughters to Six Flags!! Along with many wnderful things you have been wanting to do!!